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My name is Shahab Zareyan. 

And I offer online tutoring for calculus courses.


I strive to create a non-judgmental, safe environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and exploring their confusion. There are no stupid questions! We can take as much time as you need to explore a problem.


Rate: $65 for 55 minutes 


Please note that I do not help with writing of exams. 


4.15 GPA (91% average) & Trek Scholar (top 5% in the faculty)

Premier Wesbrook Scholar: UBC's most prestigious designation

Statistics workshop instructor (UBC)

Predictive math & stats modeler (R, Mathematica, MATLAB) 

BSc (Honours Bio, Minor Math), University of BC (UBC), Canada

MSc (Zoology) & Masters (Applied Math), IAM, UBC 

Specialization: Mathematical modeling of biological systems

Co-discoverer of a potential drug for Alzheimer's Disease 

Publisher as first-author in peer-reviewed science journals 


Exam Prep. Strategy

I usually use the following recipe when preparing students for an exam:

Theory Review

I will summarize the course material for the student and go over some of the 'theory' basics they need to know for the exam.  


Exam questions come from premeditated "question categories." I will identify & provide the student with a list of these. 


I will guide the student through several practice exams to make sure they are used to answering questions under time pressure. 

Categorization is the most important step. Once a student understands how to approach each "type" of question, they are likely to be able to answer any question on any exam, even if they have not encountered any of the specific questions before, even if they have a poor understanding of the theory, and even if they have not done any of the practice exams. Thus, my main focus will be on Categorization.

Why do I tutor exam prep.?



You can reach me using the form below. I will respond within 24 hrs. Make sure to check your email. Thanks. 

If you are a tutorI do not hire other tutors. I would be grateful if you do not send me unsolicited offers.

Please note that I do not help with the writing of exams. 

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