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Fees & Frequently Asked Questions

  • I haven't taken a course like this in a long time and I am really stressed. Can you still help me?
    Whether you have a strong quantitative background or the last time you took a course with numbers was in Grade 10, I can help you! I strive to create a non-judgmental environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and exploring sources of their confusion 🙂
  • What type of statistics do you teach and tutor? What is the background of a typical client of yours?
    I have helped people from a variety of backgrounds. These include healthcare professionals such as nurses and therapists who need a better understanding of statistics for professional degrees, MBA and MPH students in statistics-heavy programs, grad students who are looking to learn statistics for industry jobs, undergrads in a variety of disciplines that need to take one or two stats courses in order to graduate, and even high school students in programs such as AP or IB who choose to take statistics as an elective.
  • What statistical software are you familiar with?
    R, R Studio, SPSS, SPSS syntax, STATA, jamovi, JASP
  • What are you passionate about teaching statistics?
    Learning statistics, particularly if you have been away from number-heavy courses for a long time can be daunting, and it can even be more stressful if your early math experiences were coupled with anxiety due to counterproductive, shame-focused teaching methods. And I see this in my every day practice. ​ Working with my clients one-on-one, compassionately and at their own-pace, creating a non-judgmental environment where they feel free to ask any question they like and explore their confusion, helping to build their self-esteem, and ultimately being able to relieve some of that stress and burden - which can feel a lot if you have other responsibilities such as fulltime jobs and family - bring me an immense amount of joy. And these are values of mine that attempt to cultivate in my teaching practice.
  • What are your fees?
    I usually charge $65 for each 55-minute session. Sliding scale is also sometimes available.
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