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BSc MSc university of british columbia (Math and Biology)

Thesis specialization - evolutionary game theory (mathematical modeling of evolutionary systems)

Tutored & consulted 100+ clients on stats.

Statistics workshop instructor at ubc.

4.15 gpa or 91% average & premier scholar, ubc's most prestigious academic designation 

Trek scholar - top 5% in the faculty

Co-discoverer of a potential drug for alzheimer's disease

Predictive maths and statistics modeler (R, mathematica, matlab)

First-author publications in peer-reviewed science journals 

Publications & Theses

Zareyan, S., Zhang, H., Wang, J., Song, W., Hampson, E., Abbott, D., & Diamond, A. (2021). First demonstration of double dissociation between COMT-Met158 and COMT-Val158 cognitive performance when stressed and when calmer. Cerebral Cortex, 31(3), 1411-1426.

Zareyan, S., Otto, S. P., & Hauert, C. (2019). A sheep in wolf’s clothing: levels of deceit and detection in the evolution of cue-mimicry. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 286(1910), 20191425.

Zareyan, S.*, Fan, J.*, Zhao, W., Shimizu, Y., Pfeifer, T. A., Tak, J. H., Isman, M. B., Van den Hoven, B., Duggan, M. E., Wood, M. W., Wellington, C. L., and Kulic, I. (2016). Identification of a chrysanthemic ester as an apolipoprotein E inducer in astrocytes. PLoS One, 11(9): e0162384.

Namjoshi, D. R., Cheng, W. H., Carr, M., Martens, K. M., Zareyan, S., Wilkinson, A., McInnes, K. A., Cripton, P. A., and Wellington, C. L. (2016). Chronic exposure to androgenic-anabolic steroids exacerbates axonal injury and microgliosis in the CHIMERA mouse model of repetitive concussion. PLoS One, 11(1): e0146540.

Stukas, S., Kulic, I., Zareyan, S., and Wellington, C. L. (2015). Lipids and lipoproteins in Alzheimers disease. In I. Zerr (Ed.), Alzheimer’s disease - challenges for the future (1st ed., pp. 99-139) InTech.

Zareyan, S. (2016). Role of COMT (catechol-o-methyltransferase) Val158Met genotype in mediating the effects of mild stress on executive functions.

Zareyan, S. (2018). A sheep in wolf's clothing: levels of deceit and detection in the evolution of communication. Available from University of British Columbia library.

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